Our team


Alex Pio

Owner/Event Coordinator 


Kerry Ribeiro


Our Story

Elephancy is owned by Alex Pio Desouza and Kerry Ribeiro, two sister-in-laws in South Florida. Alex was born and raised in Florida, she is half Cuban and half Argentinian. Kerry was born in Brazil but raised in Cape Cod, MA.

Alex always had a passion for hosting and always dreamed in becoming an event coordinator. Kerry always had a passion for art, beauty, and business. Alex went to get a degree in Hospitality at FIU and Kerry went to Business School at FAU.

Early in 2022, the two began to plan a beautiful party for Kerry's 27th birthday, and with a long night of talking, they decided to start an Event Company, thus Elephancy was born!

Elephants symbolizes good luck, prosperity, destroyer of evil, remover of obstacles, strength, power, wisdom, memory, and vitality. Elephancy is a cute combination of Elephant and Fancy! And of course, fancy means elaborate in structure or decoration.

We hope to bring great joy to anyone who uses our services, we cherish family and friends on top of everything. God has put us here on earth to enjoy ones company, and Elephancy hopes to deliver and make that moment for each one. Again we say, life is meant to be celebrated! Bring out the cake!